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Julia Camara – Writer/Director/Producer


Julia Camara is a Brazilian award winning writer/filmmaker living in Los Angeles with her husband, photographer and filmmaker, Tim Aldridge and her daughter Emilia. She has a B.A. in cinema from Columbia College-Hollywood. Julia is also a UCLA Professional Program in Screenwriting alumna.


She has written and directed several award winning short films including "House Cleaning," Best Comedy Short at the New York International Independent Film Festival in 2012, “How to Get a Date,” Best Short Short at the Broad Humor Film Festival in 2015, "O' Tickle Tree," judge's pick at the 2015 Billy Bob Thorton Acting Challenge, and “Unsolved” a noir short film.


She wrote the sci-fi feature “Area Q” (starring Isaiah Washington), the road movie “Open Road” (starring Andy Garcia, Juliette Lewis and Camilla Belle), and the sci-fi found footage feature “Occupants” (starring Star Trek: Voyager's Robert Picardo).

Tim Aldridge - Director of Photography /Producer

Tim Aldridge has a B.A. in Cinema from Columbia College-Hollywood. He has experience in different areas of the film industry, having worked in the camera department on films like "Twin Falls Idaho" and "18."

Tim produced "Never Odd or Even," a comedy short film written and directed by Julia Camara, which won Best Conceptual Comedy Short at the 2010 New York Independent International Film Festival. He also directed and was the Director of Photography of "Scream Machine," an award-winning horror short.

Tim was the Director of Photography of “House Cleaning”, a comedy short film directed by Julia Camara. The film won The Festival Director’s Award at the Lady Filmmakers Film Festival. Tim was also the Director of Photography of “Primavera”, a short directed by Julia Camara, that won Best International short film at the Laughlin International Film Festival.

He is also an accomplished still photographer. Two of his photographs were selected for the 2010 Peace Project. The exhibition has traveled the United States. Tim has recently completed a photography book called “Still Life.” Photographed against the cliff sides of Malibu, California, “Still Life” is a collection of photographs which explore the beauty standard set against the relentless landscape of sand and sea.


Tati Leite - Editor

Tati Leite is a Brazilian editor and visual effects artist. Her resume includes the films

Christopher RobinMission: Impossible - Fallout and Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Tamara Douglas-Morris - Composer

Tamara earned her Masters of Fine Arts in Film Music Composition (MFA) in 2008 at University of North Carolina School of The Arts under the tuition of David McHugh (composer of 'Mystic Pizza', 'Moscow on the Hudson'). She received her Bachelor Of Music in Ethnomusicology at City University, London. Here she studied many instruments which influenced her musical writing, such as African drums, Balinese and Javanese Gamelan. From 1993 to 1998, Tamara attended Junior Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. Here she specialised in two main instruments, the cello (grade 7 and 8 with distinction) and the piano. Tamara also sang at The Royal Opera House in Covent Garden in the 1993 production of Puccini's 'La Boheme'. Followed by Charles Gounod's 'Romeo and Juliet.'


Venus Leone - Sound Design

Venus Leone approaches entertainment as a renaissance woman. A polyglot sound engineer trained in classical ballet, Venus holds roles both on and off the spotlight. Using her unique background in both production and performance, she is confident wearing many hats, including acting, dancing, and songwriting. Born in Rimini, Italy, Venus Leone is the daughter of a Brazilian wonder-woman and an Italian business man. Her world of art began young, beginning classical ballet at four years old. As with so many left-handed people, Venus developed a strong passion for the Arts. Moving to Switzerland with her family at the age of eight, she pursued her dreams through study, and became fluent in German, French, English and Swiss-German on top of her native Italian language and mother's Portuguese. Venus took her first steps into a recording studio at 16 to record a cover of "Back to Life" for the HipHop Group LU Squad. Following college, she founded her own dance crew "The Groove Scientists," soon catching the attention of the "Vanity Dancers," an all-female dance crew in Zurich, and toured with the DJ crew Homeboys at Work through Europe as a dancer and emcee. Venus later joined the pop/lock dance group "Colors," and performed with big names like JayZ, DJ Tony Touch aka Toni Toca, Memphis Bleek, The Electric Boogaloos and many more. On a trip to G Cookin' Recording Studios in Chur to record a song featuring a Swiss artist, Venus met the producer Lou Geniuz aka Lou Zarra, who later produced her EP "Evol" and featured Venus -- at the time still under the artist name KellytheVenus -- on his album, festivals and club performances around Switzerland. She became known as one of few English rapping female emcees. Today, Venus is a seasoned professional of the entertainment industry, appearing in music videos and shows with Snoop Dogg, Lil' Wayne, Mac 10, Rick Ross, Ray Jay, Kilo, Jameel Saleem and many more. While going to school to study sound engineering at the Los Angeles Film and Recording School, Venus saw a dream come true, when "Most Wanted," her first role as a lead actress, premiered at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood a day after her birthday. After graduating as Valedictorian, Venus has dedicated most of her time to film sound and music production, receiving IMDB credit for both acting and film sound. Now an up and coming music producer and actress living in the mecca of the entertainment industry, Venus is the owner and founder of Goddess Image Entertainment and Network, VKSwizz Productions, as well as growing her own publishing company.

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